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CSV file translations

One of the ways to translate the entire database of a website or webshop is to first export it as a CSV file. We have qualified IT translators who can work directly in such a file. Your webmaster can then easily add an additional language version to your website or webshop using the translated file.

Specialised translators

In its raw form, a large CSV file can look quite daunting to the untrained eye; a nonsensical sequence of words, sentences, and numbers, separated by commas. Quite different from the nearly crafted texts you usually work with. CSV files can be opened in Excel, which makes the whole thing look a lot better. In any case, for an IT translator, a CSV file is nothing special – it’s their daily work.

Also, we always apply the principle of the specialised translator. We live in a world of ever increasing specialisms, and this is a movement we are participating in. On our homepage, you can see how many specialised translators we work with. After all, we cannot expect a single translator to be familiar with technical, medical, and legal texts, as know everything about fashion, biochemistry, and cycling as well. That would be asking a lot.

The quality of the translations must be high in all aspects, and that starts with an understanding of what the translator is translating. But the devil is also in the details – a text not only needs to be translated well, it needs to connect to the target audience. This is the reason for us to work with specialised native translators who live in their own country: in-country translators. After all, they have the most optimal feel for their own language and culture.

Your guarantees

We are in proud possession of the highest achievable European quality standards for translation agencies; ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. These quality standards represent top quality and care regarding products, processes, and services. These standards impose very strict requirements on us as a company and on the translators we work with. And that quality is continuously monitored.

As an additional assurance, we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. As for the price, we offer you a lowest price guarantee. In other words, a translation from Translation Agency is high in quality and low in price. You can find out what other clients think of us on this independent website.

You can easily request a free quote for the translation of your CSV file. You will receive a customised quote within 30 minutes.

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Translation Agency has the highest certificates for translation agencies: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015. Top quality and service are always our number one priority.


Translation Agency is a member of the VViN and EUATC; Organisations of translation agencies that work together to optimise quality and service.