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Advertisement translation

Translating ads is a bit of an art that depends on knowledge of the local market and the associated culture. The translator also needs to have a commercial feel.

Ads and culture

It may seem a little strange to suppose that the concept of ‘culture’ plays an important role in translating commercial advertisement texts, because we don’t immediately associate ads with culture. Still, it is true.

For instance, in the Netherlands, we are very direct in our approach, whereas in Germany, things are far more formal. And even though we speak the same language as the Flemish, the typically Dutch ‘Order Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ are absolutely not done in Belgium. The less direct ‘View our range’ is preferable there. Culture.

In Belgium you don’t sell ‘dresses’, but ‘robes’. And in the Spanish language area, it is important to know where potatoes are called ‘papas’ and where they are called ‘patatas’. These are just a few examples.

Mistakes can cost you money. Online surveys have shown that culturally responsible online ads receive far more clicks, which means it is definitely something to take into account.

In-country translators

In order to make customised translations, we work with so-called in-country translators; translators who live and work in their country of origin. After all, they have an optimal feel for their own language and culture. To be able to serve all of our clients, we work with lots and lots of translators; on our homepage, you can read just how many translators .

And the quality?

We are proud of our certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, the highest achievable European quality standards for translation agencies. In practice, this means we and the translators we work with need to meet the strictest quality requirements. In addition, you receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our translations, and we always guarantee the lowest price. And we have another link for you: on this independent website, you can find out what our clients think of us.

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