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By proofreading, we mean checking texts for typos and spelling errors, grammatical inaccuracies, incorrect punctuation, inconsistent use of nouns, styles, and terminologies, etc. In short, the proofreader is there to smooth out all the rough edges.

Proofreading takes place after the translation, when a ‘fresh pair of well-trained eyes’ inspects the text in detail to dot all the i’s. While the translator focuses on the content of the translation, the proofreader provides linguistic perfection. The translator and proofreader are two specialists who complement each other perfectly.

Dotting the i’s

This way of working makes texts virtually perfect. More than once have we been told by delighted customers that the translated text was better than the source text. A great compliment. This sometimes even resulted in the request to have a proofreader check the source text as well. Because even if there are no great errors in a text, a brochure with imperfections simply doesn’t reflect well on your business, and an application letter that is not impeccable in all respects may very well cost you a job.

Proofreading is a very precise job; it is a profession, a specialism. Therefore, we only deploy well-trained language buffs for this. People who speak a language at a very high level. The proofreaders we work with are always native speakers; people who know their mother tongue, the language they are proofreading, inside and out.

Fair is fair; where people are involved, mistakes are made. We do not fuss over that. We have all been there; looking for a product in the supermarket, but being unable to find it. After passing the isle about eight times, we ask a store assistant, and it turns out the product was right in front of our noses the whole time. The same thing can happen to a translator who is deeply focused on a text. Small imperfections may become invisible after a while. Fortunately, there is the proofreader; the perfectionist, the language expert who finds any imperfections and lifts the translation to the highest possible level.

We can provide proofreaders in a great number of languages, including Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish…

Is proofreading expensive?

Not with Translation Agency™. With other translation agencies, you may well pay double or more of what we charge for that service. How can we provide top quality at such competitive rates? Find out on the page about our method.

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