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Translating terms and conditions

It is indisputable that translating general terms and conditions requires translators with a broad legal background and seamless mastery of the jargon. The general terms and conditions must be impeccably translated; small differences, after all, may have extreme consequences. Not a single detail can be omitted during translation.

Your general terms and conditions, along with the terms of delivery, are basically an extension of the contracts you conclude. You probably spend a lot of time on your contracts. Your terms and conditions deserve the same attention. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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Translation Agency thinks that it should be more than just a skillful translation by a qualified legal translator In our opinion, the work should be done by native speakers who live in their native countries. The legal terms and regulations which apply to the general terms and conditions may differ per country. Obviously, it is good to know that your translator is on top of things and is aware of any differences.

In addition, the legal translators at Translation Agency have ‘the eye of the master’ to support them. This is a renowned lawyer who has a wealth of international experience and acts as a partner, proofreader, and corrector for us for legal texts. This way, you are sure that we have dotted all the i’s. How many translation agencies offer such a service?

Hopefully, you will never need your general terms and conditions in any delicate legal matter. If you do, it is certainly best if your terms and conditions do not conflict with local legal provisions in any way. In such a situation, you could wish for no better lawyer than your well-translated and customised general terms and conditions.

A solid business impression

Despite the importance of well-translated general terms and conditions, many businesses opt for an English translation only. In many countries, it is not required to provide terms and conditions in the native language. However, some unexpected language requirements sometimes arise. For example, in France, it is not required to provide general terms and conditions in French, but in the French-speaking Canadian province Québec, it is. Make sure you are always well-informed.

Regardless, there is always a good reason to have your general terms and conditions translated. It not only shows respect to the customer, it also conveys a solid business impression. It is a gesture of goodwill toward your customers.

And the price?And the price?

As mentioned, our translators live all around the world, which means they have an optimal affinity with their language and the fields in which they translate. They also have easier access to local information.

Our way of working has another advantage that you will surely appreciate. Because our translators live and work in their own countries, we do not need an office, and the costs we save, you receive as discount. Those savings are considerable. Imagine what it would cost to buy or rent an office building for all our 1,132 translators!

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