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App translation

The growth of the smartphone is unstoppable. The device has become the internet #1 machine in a very short time, leaving the PC and laptop in the dust.

HIt’s only logical that companies want nothing more than to have their app installed on their clients’ smartphone. With a single swipe, their complete up-to-date web shop with all related information is visible and available. Getting closer to your clients than this is just not possible.

Mouth-to-mouth advertising

If an app is well maintained and does what it’s supposed to do, satisfied users will show it to their friends and acquaintances. This mouth-to-mouth advertising can have unexpected consequences. It’s just possible that the app may make its way across the border, unexpectedly opening new markets for you. Obviously, the app should be multi-lingual!

The specialist in app translation

Why should you have your app translated by Translation Kings? To begin with, we work with more than 1,200 translators. As an app can be about any and every possible subject, it’s paramount that the translator understands the subject matter implicitly. We have the right translator for you, specialising in the subject you need.

Having your app translated into many different languages at once is not a problem when you choose Translation Kings. Never in our history have we not been able to provide a requested language. An additional advantage when placing an order with us is that we are able to guard the consistency of the translations and ensure that the tone of voice is the same in all languages.

Let your app fly

Don’t limit your business opportunities: Let Translation Kings transform your app into a multi-lingual winner that reaches more clients in their own language and in their own needs. Give your app wings and let it fly – just like a bird – with no borders to stop it.

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