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Translating books

Books exist in an endless variety. For us as a translation agency, that means we will need to determine what translator to use for each individual book. Not only the source and target languages play a role here; the translator must also be experienced with the subject. As such, we will only allow a book on economy to be translated by a translator with a background in economics, and a medical book by a translator who is medically well grounded. For legal books, in addition to legal translators, we have a very experienced lawyer on hand who acts as a partner for the legal translators and performs the final revision. These are but some examples.

For example, translating prose and literature is a whole different ball game. The emotional value of the story plays an important part here. In addition to a thorough knowledge of the languages and cultures of both countries, the translator must have writing qualities. After all, not just anyone can properly display the ambiance of a book in a different language. An above-average sense of language is indispensable for these kinds of book translations.

Therefore, successfully translating books always requires dual talents; translators who not only have language skills, but specific other knowledge and talents.

Specialised book translators

Based on this idea, Translation Agency has assembled a team of qualified translators. And that has become quite a team. Because if you want to offer a large number of languages and specialists in different fields, you need more than a few translators. That is the reason why our team now consists of over 1,100 specialised translators.

Should you now envision a large office building full of translators, then you are wrong. Offices only generate unnecessary costs that are passed on to customers. And that is not our way. Translation Agency is known for incredibly competitive quotes, and it should remain that way. No offices and other overheads. Besides, it would be impossible to bring all our translators together into one building; they live and work all around the world.

Book translations by native speakers

The large number of specialised translators and the low price are not the only advantages of working with Translation Agency.

Because our translators live and work in their native countries, and translate to their mother tongue, you are assured of optimum quality. These native speakers know the culture, customs, and peculiarities of their country and language like no other. This way, you are assured of excellence.

Some of our translators have even lived in several countries. Therefore, they have a feel for more than one culture, which is a big advantage when translating prose and literature.

The lowest price and 100% quality guarantee

No matter what kind of book you need translated; Translation Agency™ has a specialised translator who can handle the job. And, as noted earlier, at a price that is much lower than those of our competitors.

You can easily check the latter by completing our online quote form Within 30 minutes, you will receive a quote that is tailored to your needs. Compare this quote to those of other translation agencies, and you will see that what you read is true. And because we have the specialists you need, we are happy to provide you with a 100% quality guarantee.

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