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Contracts in Dutch are not easy to read, particularly with their multitude of clauses, complicated legal constructions and legal jargon. Even more so if the contract has been drawn up in a language that you’re not completely comfortable with. We can definitely understand you feeling uncomfortable in such a situation. The consequences of a contract that’s not perfectly translated could have far-reaching effects.

Blind trust

In order to feel completely comfortable when signing a contract, it’s necessary that you trust not only the person who has written the contract but that you have complete faith in the contract’s translator.

It’s obvious that the translator should be able to offer you far more than just a thorough knowledge of the language he translates. The translator must be legally qualified to prepare your contract and be able to understand and clearly translate even the most specific detail into a document that is identical to that of the original language.


Fortunately, we have associate translators who – believe it or not – absolutely love this work, translators that actually find translating contracts the best work a translator can have. Translators who shout YES! when offered a really intense, complicated legal document to translate.

Strange? See it like this: just as with other specialised disciplines, someone who enjoys working in a particular field becomes increasingly more proficient in that field whereby the material “comes to life” and subsequently inspires increased interest in the subject matter. The specialty becomes more and more interesting for the specialist! Translators who enjoy translating contracts invariably have a legal background, are completely at home with the legal jargon and just love legal constructions. Contracts are, for them, poetry.

Legal sparring partners

Translation Kings currently works with approximately 1,200 translators, including translators who have completed their legal training. Your translation is, as you can see, in good hands with us. On request, it’s possible to instigate an additional translation check by enlisting a second legal translator to act as a sparring partner for your translator. Furthermore, we also have a highly experienced internationally recognised multi-lingual lawyer vavailable for you. The result: a 100% accurately translated contract. It speaks for itself that there is absolute strict confidentiality upheld before, during and after the translation process.

What do you mean insecure?

We also let you profit from the fact that our translators are native speakers who live and work in their home country. That’s why they intimately know the language they translate to as their own – it is! Living in the middle of the language ensures that even the feeling of the translation is optimal. Better than that is not possible.

Let’s face it: anyone who still feels uncertain or insecure after reading this article has not had their contract translated by TranslationKings.

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