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Results Deloitte Fast 50

Results Deloitte Fast 50

Every year, Deloitte organises the Technology Fast 50; a list of the 50 fastest growing innovative technology companies in the Netherlands. When we were nominated for the Fast 50, we asked you to keep your fingers crossed. And you did. We ended up in 15th place!

We received congratulations from customers and contacts but also received a lot of questions. What is TranslationKings doing in the list of fastest growing technology companies, when it isn’t even a technology company?

No, we are not a technology company

That’s right, we are not a technology company; we are a translation agency, and translation is a craft that relies on knowledge and experience. We do use modern technological tools in translating, but the actual translation work is and remains a craft.

Of course, there are many companies that are purely based on technology to be found in the Fast 50, interspersed here and there with the odd man out. One of those is us: the only translation agency in the Fast 50 (a little bit of bragging should be fine, right?).

Yes, we are a technology company

Yes, TranslationKings definitely is a technology company, because other than the craft of translation and our contact with customers and translators, everything we do is based on technology. And by everything, we mean everything. The entire organisations runs on a custom-made cloud system that we designed together with a software developer. The result is that the technical part of all administrative and organisational tasks of our account managers has been reduced to a minimum. This allows them to focus their attention on the human aspect of their work, and that really benefits their contact with customers and translators.

Hard requirements

In order to participate in the Fast 50, Deloitte set a number of hard requirements. We needed to demonstrate that our technology was innovative, that it has led to a substantial increase in sales, and that there was energetic entrepreneurship. The result was our 15th place in the Fast 50.

On to the Fast 500

We kick things into an even higher gear for the EMEA Fast 500 (Europe, Middle East & Africa); basically the big brother of the Fast 50, but for a considerable part of the world. These are things you have time for if your company runs digitally and smoothly. You may keep your fingers crossed again. We will keep you informed!

  • Posted in: General
  • Julian Wagenhuis
  • 14.november.2016
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