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New ISO certificates

New ISO certificates

The year had barely begun when we already received a letter with more than good news; the certificates ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 have been awarded to us. In short, we now meet the two highest international quality standards for translation agencies.

ISO 17100:2015

A good start is definitely half the battle. Not just for us, but for you as well. The ISO 17100:2015 (a stricter version of the NEN-EN 15038 we had before) represents top quality translators, tools, quality care, management systems, project management, contractual frameworks, and services. Quite a mouthful, but as you can see; it goes far beyond just delivering the best quality translations. All business processes surrounding the translations must also be optimised and streamlined.

ISO 9001:2015

The second certificate we were awarded, the ISO 9001:2015, relates to the management of all business processes in order to always meet the expectations of the customer. It actually takes things a step further than the ISO certificate mentioned above. For the ISO 9001:2015, all business processes must be subject to extensive risk analyses; the highest quality must ALWAYS be delivered, no matter what. The company culture is also examined; the realisation that top quality comes first must penetrate into all layers of the company, not just the manager responsible for it.

Annual inspection

The certification is not a one-time affair. Every year, another audit takes place, and every year, we have to meet a long list of requirements. The relevant inspections are carried out by KIWA, an independent organisation that takes care of high-quality certifications.

The best news

We have saved the best news for last; even with the highest ISO certificates in the pocket, Translation Kings will continue to charge the same low prices. We are and remain as inexpensive as you are used to. Therefore, our lowest price guarantee remains unaffected.

  • Posted in: Translationagency facts
  • Julian Wagenhuis
  • 23.februari.2017
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Only the best quality is good enough

Translation Agency has the highest certificates for translation agencies: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015. Top quality and service are always our number one priority.


Translation Agency is a member of the VViN and EUATC; Organisations of translation agencies that work together to optimise quality and service.