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Luxembourgish (Letzebuergesch), which belongs to the Germanic languages, became an officially recognised language in 1984. It is the third official language of Luxembourg, after German and French. Approximately 250,000 people are native speakers of Luxembourgish, and 50,000 people speak it as a second language. Luxembourgish plays a large role in media, lower and local levels, education, and public administration. In higher education and politics, French is mostly used. In public life, a lot of German is used, especially as a written language.

Luxembourgish is not a German dialect

The desire to have Luxembourgish become a native language rather than just a German dialect is a result of World War II. In order to make their language seem less like German, Luxembourgers have made their language more French. The differences have thus become so great that a speaker of High German can hardly understand Luxembourgish at this point.

While minority languages struggle in many places, this is certainly not the case with Luxembourgish. Even young people are picking it up and keeping the language alive. But what is the actual lingua franca (common communication language) of the small Luxembourg? Most Luxembourgers speak Luxembourgish, but many international organisations that have settled in Luxembourg stick with French. German is also spoken a lot, and English is on the rise. Despite its small size, the language knows many spoken languages, and there is no single shared language.

In-country translators

For Luxembourgish translators, we use translators who live in Luxembourg and speak Luxembourgish as a native language, a so-called in-country translator. This not only provides the best guarantees in terms of language use, but also in terms of cultural aspects. After all, to communicate the same message to people of different cultures, you need to speak in different ways. To do this perfectly, the translator needs to have the language and culture in their blood. That is why we choose to work with in-country translators.

Highest quality & lowest price

We are in possession of the highest possible European quality standards for translation agencies: ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. These standards guarantee top quality throughout the entire translation process. In addition, we always offer you a lowest price guarantee and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you want to know how we can be so good and inexpensive at the same time, you can find out here. Lastly, you can read what our clients think of us on this independent website.

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