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Hungarian is one of the few languages in Europe that does not belong to the Indo-European language group, but to the Finno-Ugric languages, which also include Finnish and Estonian. Speakers of Finnish and Estonian can understand each other, but Hungarian is entirely incomprehensible to them despite their common descent. And yet, they are related!

The history of these three people begins about 1,000 years ago as nomadic peoples leave the Yugra region between the Ural Mountains and the Kama River (in present-day Russia). A portion of these people migrated west and settled in what is now Estonia and Finland. Another portion of the nomadic people settled in what is now Hungary. In the 1,000 years these peoples lived separately, their languages grew so far apart that they can no longer understand each other.

Where is Hungarian spoken?

Hungarian is the official language of Hungary and of Hungarian minorities in the surrounding countries. In total, there are 14.5 million speakers of Hungarian, 10.5 million of which live in Hungary. Countries where Hungarian is spoken include Hungary, Romania, Austria, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, and Croatia. Hungarian is an official language in Hungary and is regionally recognised in Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Serbia.

The Hungarian script

Hungarian is written in the Latin alphabet, which has been greatly expanded for this purpose; the full Hungarian alphabet contains no less than 44 letters, including a number of digraphs (“cs”, “dz”, “sz”) and a trigraph (“dzs”). Hungarian also has a record number of 21 cases! But don’t let that scare you off. It helps that Hungarian knows no genders and the cases are often used instead of prepositions. All in all, the language is not extremely difficult to learn.

In-country translators

We have Hungarian translations made by Hungarian translators who live in Hungary; so-called in-country translators. After all, translation is more than just converting a text into a different language. Cultural experience also plays a part. The translation needs to connect with the target group, or it will miss the mark entirely.

Quality guarantees

Both we, and the translators we work with must meet high competency requirements in accordance with our certifications (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100), which are the highest achievable European quality standards for translation agencies. In addition, you can always count on a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lowest price guarantee. All translators we work with are also required to sign a confidentiality statement, which means they always handle your texts very discreetly. What do our clients think of us? You can find out on this independent website.

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