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Greek – one of the classical languages – belongs to the Indo-European language group. Today, it has approximately 13.5 million native speakers, but there used to be many more, in part due to Alexander the Great. The Greek leader played an important role in merging the Greek dialects into Koine Greek. This allowed him to have a monolingual army. This made communication much easier and gave him an advantage in his conquest. Alexander the Great was the founder of one of the largest empires of ancient times, a kingdom extending all the way to the Himalayas. Greek became a world language and even the lingua franca of the eastern part of the Roman (Byzantine) empire. Indeed, Greek was even spoken among the Romans.

The cradle of Western civilisation

But Greek is especially valuable because it records the origin and development of Western civilisation; after all, Greece is the cradle of Western civilisation. Many ancient Greek writings (up to 3,000 years old) have been preserved. From a historical point of view, Greek is an unbelievable interesting language. We have been influenced by the Greeks in many areas; from philosophy to architecture and from theatre to democracy (these concepts are also derived from Greek).

The oath of Hippocrates

The medical world is dominated by Greek terms (bronchitis, hepatitis, embryo, dermatology, thrombosis, trauma…). Its importance goes far beyond mere words; the Greeks were the first to pull medicine out of the religious sphere and look purely at human physiology and psychology. They laid the foundation for the modern medical world. As a result, when medical practitioners graduate, they still make an oath based on the 2,400-year-old oath of Hippocrates.

Full of Greek

We see Greek-derived words everywhere. If you just look at the letter A of the alphabet (also a Greek word), you find: acrobat, anonymous, anti, aristocracy, aroma, asylum, asthma, astrology, authentic, automatic… And did you ever realise that the word helicopter is composed of helikas (blade) and ptero (wing)? And these are just a few examples.

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In-country translators

For the best possible translation of your documents into Greek, we use Greek translators who live in Greece, so-called in-country translators. After all, their language and culture is all around them every day, so they are able to perfectly tailor a translation to the target audience.

We only use qualified translators for this kind of work. We are an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified translation agency. These are the highest achievable European quality standards for translation agencies. These standards require us and the translators we work with to meet the highest competency requirements. In addition, we always offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and our lowest price guarantee.

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