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Approximately 6.5 million people speak Flemish (also known as Belgian Dutch and Southern Dutch). But what is Flemish? To answer that question, we take a step back and pretend Standard Dutch does not exist. This allows us to see that there is a perfect dialect continuum between the Netherlands and Belgium. In other words, the Dutch and Belgian dialects blend into each other seamlessly. Dutch – Flemish – German – there is no strict language boundary between any of them; a language boundary that does exist between the Dutch and French language areas.

Dutch and Flemish different languages

Because Flemish-speaking Belgium is organisationally and administratively Belgian, and Belgium and the Netherlands have different political systems, media, etc., Dutch and Flemish are developing autonomously. From that point of view, you could consider Dutch and Flemish to be different languages.

Dutch and Flemish the same language

At the same time, the Netherlands and Belgium share the exact same official language. In 1980, the Netherlands and Belgium agreed to continue working together on the development of Dutch (Language Union Treaty). Suriname also joined this treaty in 2003. From this point of view, there is no difference between Dutch, Flemish, and Surinamese.

In-country translators

For us as a translation agency, it does not matter whether Dutch and Flemish are considered the same language or not. We look at the target audience the translation of your text is intended for. If the translation is intended for a Flemish target group, we do not use a Dutch translator, but a Flemish translator who lives in Belgium and is a native speaker of Flemish – a so-called in-country translator. A translator who has Flemish and its developments around them all the time, and who has Flemish culture running through their veins.

Top quality

Our translation agency is in possession of the highest achievable European quality standards for translation agencies: ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. This means the quality of our translators and our business processes are subject to these standards, which are continuously monitored. Additionally, we offer you a lowest price guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you do not run any risk. Here, you can read about how we can be both good and inexpensive at the same time. And for reviews from our clients, you can visit this independent website.

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Translation Agency has the highest certificates for translation agencies: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015. Top quality and service are always our number one priority.


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