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Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500

Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500

It’s a common thing at the end of the year; everyone takes a look back and a look forward. How did everything go this year, and what direction will we take in the new year? We have more than enough reason to look back on 2016; it was a particularly good year, and we would happily take another year just like it.

Third time’s the charm

Even though 2016 was a successful year in all respects, we will mostly remember it as the year of awards. In a previous blog, we used a familiar saying: third time’s the charm. This is because we were rewarded three times in the form of three awards; the MKB top 100 of the Chamber of Commerce, the Deloitte Fast 50, and the Gazellen Award of Het Financiële Dagblad.

Fourth time’s the charm

But right at the end of 2016, we have to correct this; we have been awarded four times. Just before Christmas, we received a letter from the organisation of the EMEA Technology Fast 500 in which we were congratulated on our election in the 500 fastest growing technology companies of Europe, the Middle East & Africa. To be exact, we ended up in 173th place. As far as we are concerned, the new saying is ‘fourth time’s the charm’.

A technology award, huh….

Don’t worry, we haven’t suddenly switched to a different industry. We are and remain a translation agency, and translation is and remains a craft; even with the help of all the modern tools you can think of. But other than that, TranslationKings is all about technology. Our translators, clients, and agency staff are all connected via a cloud environment that makes our lives much easier. Thanks to all of this technological streamlining, we were noticed by the EMEA Technology Fast 500.

Technology in the Netherlands

Moreover, it was great to see that the Netherlands did very well in the EMEA Technology list; in terms of the number of nominees, only France and England had a larger number of fast growers. However, Germany, not a small player in the field of technology, was bested by the Netherlands. If only this were true for football as well.


We have definitely gotten a good taste of technology, so we will continue on this path in the coming year. Now that our cloud environment is running as desired, we will start by further optimising our use of social media (among other things). Our mutual contacts and workflows are great, but we also want to communicate without any barriers with anyone who wants to know anything about the translation of documents. In other words; we will be hearing from you in 2017!

  • Posted in: General
  • Paul Kranendonk
  • 27.december.2016
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