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Croatian (Hrvatski), one of the standard versions of Serbia-Croatian, is the native language of 5.5 million Croatians and the official language of Croatia. It is also spoken by the Croatian community in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The differences between Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian are not much greater than those between Dutch and Flemish. A striking difference is that Croatian and Bosnian are written with the Latin alphabet, while Serbian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet. However, the Latin spelling of Serbian is gaining popularity, especially among those who are more focused on Western Europe.

Language paradise

Europe is a true language paradise, and that is demonstrated by the following subdivision. Almost all languages belong to a language groups. These language groups are in turn subdivided into subgroups. In the case of Croatian, which is part of the Indo-European languages, that subdivision into subgroups (and subgroups of subgroups) is impressive. Here is the complete subdivision into ever-smaller subgroups: Indo-European / Balto-Slavic / Slavic / South Slavic / Western South Slavic / Serbo-Croatian / Shtokavian / Neo-Shtokavian / East Herzegovinian / Standard Croatian.

Dutch words in Croatian

Some Dutch words have found their way into Croatian. Here are a few: baggeren, ballast, edammer, juwelier, peiling.

Language and culture

We all know that language and culture are living ‘organisms’. They can change significantly over the course of a human life. The best translators should not only be on top of their native language and its development, but also need to experience their culture on a daily basis. This is why we love working with in-country translators. As such, for Croatian translations, we use a Croatian translator who is a native speaker of Croatian.

Our standards

Translation Agency is in possession of the ISO certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, the highest achievable European quality standards for translation agencies. These standards impose strict requirements on us and the translators we work with. However, we don’t stop there – we also offer you a lowest price guarantee and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you do not run any risk; not in terms of quality and not in terms of price. You can find out more on this independent website, where our clients have reviewed us.

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Translation Agency has the highest certificates for translation agencies: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015. Top quality and service are always our number one priority.


Translation Agency is a member of the VViN and EUATC; Organisations of translation agencies that work together to optimise quality and service.