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Creative translation

Translation is more than just ‘sitting down with a dictionary and converting a text into a different language word by word’. Much more. A translation not only needs to be correct in terms of content, meaning, spelling, and punctuation, but also needs to generate the right effect for the target audience.

Analysis or creativity

When translating a novel, for example, the translation is not complete if it does not express the underlying sense of the story. The author’s writing style needs to be recognisable and the tone of voice must be accurate. To achieve this, the translator needs to have a creative attitude. This is even more important when translating poems, which also involve rhythm and rhyme. This only works if the translator has a very flexible mind.

Try comparing the description of a machine with a description of a tourist site. Where the machine requires a straightforward and analytically sound text, a successful tourist guide requires a certain amount of creativity. Creative translations are also required when translating advertising and marketing texts.

In-country translators

touch in order to be translated. For us, that was a reason to start working with a large number of specialised translators (on our homepage, you can find the exact number of translators), and mostly in-country translators; native translators who live and work in their country of origin. After all, those translators have the best feel for their language and culture.

Those in-country translators need to meet high quality standards, because we are both ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified – the highest achievable European quality standards. In other words, there’s no question about our quality. You can find out whether our clients agree with that on this independent website. All of our translations also include a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lowest price guarantee.

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