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You already knew Translation Agency as a translation agency, but did you know that we also have writers? It may seem like a very different field at first glance, but (re)writing is actually a very logical extension of translation.

This already starts when the translator needs to translate a text that is not written very consistently. The translator will obviously deliver a good translation, but if the source text does not flow well or is full of pointless repetition, this will be reflected by the translation. More is needed for that.

It is not up to the translator to make textual changes; that decision must be made by the customer. And whether he wants to implement minor or major changes, just wants the text to flow better, or have it completely rewritten; we will always help him until he is completely satisfied with the final product. That is why Translation Agency™ is also a text agency.

Text agency Translation Agency

Our career as a text agency began in an early stage, when a client for whom we had previously translated a technical manual asked us for advice. Based on the earlier translation, he wanted a number of texts for his website. They needed to be short, powerful articles that would be attractive to a wide audience. He asked whether we could help him with a good copywriter.

Working with writers was not entirely new to us; we were already using corrector services to check typographical, language, spelling, and style errors in translated texts. And we had already noticed that we would often receive very sensible suggestions for improving texts from these people. In other words; we already had writers in our periphery.

When the writer we assigned to that job had completed it successfully, the client remembers that he still had some unfinished texts from one of his employees. He once started writing a series of articles and manuals in good spirits, but he never got much further than taking notes. It was very interesting material, but all attempts to turn them into a coherent texts were stranded at an early stage. He asked whether we could take a look at those, too.

Not much later, without even trying, we were taking on a lot of (re)writing jobs.

‘Clear your mind by writing’

Many people walk around with ideas for texts but simply cannot put them on paper. That is fine; after all, a person cannot be good at everything. To each his profession; you have yours, a writer has his.

If you are not a trained copywriter, it can be liberating to know that you can easily redeem yourself from the struggle with words, sentences, and paragraphs. All you need to do is provide us with the rough material. ‘Clear your mind by writing,’ let the words come as they come and do not pay attention to style. Once you have put together the basic material, you can pass the torch to our professional writers with confidence. They then turn them into texts for web pages, advertisements, advertorials, white papers, newsletters, press releases, brochures, leaflets, manuals, etc.

The right writer, copywriter, or text editor

You also do not need to worry about selecting the right writer. Whether you need a seasoned copywriter to write business and commercial text, a text editor to check the articles on your website, a writer to adjust texts to a different target group, or someone who simply makes a text flow better; we will select the right writer for you.

This way of working saves you a lot of time, and therefore, money. And we like to do a little extra. Not only do we ensure the job is done to your liking, we do it for an unbelievably low price. But you probably already knew that.

At Translation Agency, the solution is closer than you think.

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