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Commercial Translations

With commercial translations, something special is going on. There is an element at play that technical or legal translations often don’t have to deal with. Culture.

For example, Spanish and German are great for wonderful descriptions. Spanish and German speakers also have the habit of speaking to each other rather formally.

The Dutch don’t quite do this; they like plain and clear language. Short and sweet is the credo. And so long as we remain respectful, we are happy to let go of overly formal language.

The link between commerce and culture

The consequence of these differences is that a literal translation of a commercial Spanish or German text can often seem quite verbose, formal, and old-fashioned to a Dutch reader. Conversely, a translation of a Dutch text may seem somewhat blunt and forward to Spanish and German readers.

And even if the translator has delivered a good translation, if it has the wrong ‘tone of voice,’ this may have far-reaching consequences. The effect of the text may be completely warped if the intended audience does not feel addressed by the language. And that’s the last thing you want!

Make sure your message comes across

This is the reason for Translation Agency™ to go beyond simply translating the text. We also pay attention to translating the message, so that it appears in the correct cultural context and has the same impact as the source text. We do this by assigning commercial translations to translators who are not only native speakers, but also live in their own language area and have a commercial background.

In order to achieve a high quality commercial translation, this is an essential component. We make sure to discuss this with you extensively. After all, you need to be sure that the translations of your brochures, advertisements, presentations, speeches, marketing plans, newsletters, etc. not only meet the highest translation standards in terms of content, but actually appeal to your target audience as well.

You reap all the benefits

On our website, you won’t find any pictures of translators proudly posing in front of their office. This is because we have no office. Translation Agency™ works with translators who live where they should live: in their homeland. After all, that is where they are optimally in touch with their mother tongue. We all know that languages are alive; only in your own country can you stay completely in tune with the developments and details of your language. And because we work with over 1,100 translators in a large number of language areas, it is almost unimaginable that we cannot be of service to you.

As a customer of Translation Agency™, you have another important benefit. Because we do not maintain any office building, we can work much less expensively; and the money we save, you receive as a discount!

All you need to do to discover whether we are truly less expensive is completing our online quote form.Within 15 minutes, you will receive a customised offer that will stop our competitors dead in their tracks.

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