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Business correspondence translations

We do not need to tell you how to construct a good quality Dutch business letter. You can do this routinely. But how do you address a foreign business partner correctly, how do you construct such a letter, what salutation should you use, what letter head, what format? And we have not even mentioned how to achieve a good translation.

What should a foreign business letter look like?

The standards for content and layout of business letters are different everywhere. But if you manage to address your business letter to an intended customer according to his/her local standards, you will be a winner. This is not to say that you will automatically get that large contract, but you will have an edge on your competitors. You will have shown that you have paid attention to your customer’s needs and know how to address him/her properly in a business context. You have already made a good first impression, and as we all know, that can only be done once.

Specialised native speakers

Before a business letter can be formatted correctly to foreign standards, it should firstly be translated flawlessly by a translator who is not only tried and tested in business texts, but also familiar with the subject involved. This is exactly the reason why Translation Kings prefers to work with translators who are native speakers and have an additional specialty. This assures you of having a translator who delivers the best possible translation based on specialist knowledge and who knows how to structure business letters for his country.

The correct translation in the correct format

It almost sounds like the slogan of the ancient Greeks when they laid the Foundation for the Olympic Games: ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. But that is how it is; a business letter with a wrong salutation and an incorrect format misses its target, even though the translation may be in order. Both content and format should be perfect. Translation Kings has not acquired a large global circle of translators for no reason, totalling more than 1,100 to date. This allows us to always assist you with a specialised translator.

Up to 70% more economical

If you are already hearing ‘the meter ticking over in your mind’, we can safely say, our service goes far beyond delivering perfectly translated and formatted business correspondence. We also offer unprecedented low prices for this work. One of our features at Translation Kings is that we drastically reduce our overheads; we only have a small office for our permanent employees. Our translators live and work from self-selected locations in their own homeland. What we save on overheads in this process, can be passed onto you as a type of discount. A quote from us can even be 70% lower than from other translation agencies. The meter is ticking, but backwards.

And what else?

JYes, there is more… A double guarantee! Firstly, Translation Kings meets the highest of quality standards for translation agencies; namely the ISO:9001 en NEN-EN 15038. These European standards guarantee top quality products, processes and services. In addition to this quality standard guarantee, we also provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Only once you are happy, will we be satisfied too.

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