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Blog translation

An increasing number of websites have blogs, and that is for a good reason. Blogs keep a website lively, which is a good thing, because many websites are fairly static. The presentation of the business, the terms of delivery, the contact information; once the pages have been created, they mostly stay the same. Even if the texts are occasionally edited, the website will look the same to returning visitors. Even though the company behind the website is probably bustling with activity. Such a static website is not very representative, and not very effective, either.

A blog is a boost for your website

Keeping a blog can be an excellent and accessible medium for enticing existing customers to return and drawing in new customers. Through a blog, you can keep customers informed of new developments in your business and news from the field. That leads to a greater involvement in your business. With an online comment form below the blogs, you can persuade customers to react, which creates interaction and lowers the threshold for contact.

A blog also has a very beneficial effect on the number of visitors your website attracts. Not only are there more pages about your business to be found on the Internet, active websites also do better in search engines. More pages can be found, and those pages receive a higher ranking. That inevitably leads to more visitors. And more visitors means… more potential customers.

The snowball is rolling. And it does not end there. Search engines also love websites with many visitors; those sites are apparently important and therefore receive a higher ranking. This way, your website keeps climbing up in the search results, and more potential customers will find their way to your website.

A regularly updated blog can help get that whole process started and get the snowball rolling. With a blog, you can generate more exposure for your business in a relatively inexpensive way.

To work

Once the first step is taken and employees with a knack for writing or hired writers are working on a lively blog, the next step comes closer; having your blog translated so that it can be read in all countries where you do business. This gets the ball rolling in those places as well.

Meanwhile, the word accessible has been mentioned a few times, and in order to ensure that the accessibility of your blog posts are not lost in translation, the translators will not only need to be professionals, but should also have significant affinity with their own culture. A Spaniard, a Chinese, a Russian; they all think and formulate differently, and it is good to keep that in mind while translating. The right tone of voice ensures that your blog has the desired effect as an accessible medium in other countries as well.

The native speaker: mother tongue and motherland

The best translators for a blog are native speakers who live in their motherland. This is a double win, because not only will the translator be translating to his native language, but in their own country; the country of which they know the culture and habits best.

That is the Translation Agency™ method! Translating with fingerspitzengefühl. No office full of translators for us; we work with native speakers who live and work in their homeland. That guarantees the best possible translation and… the lowest possible price, because if you have no office, you don’t have to pay for one. And what we save in costs, we pass on to you. At Translation Agency™, our credo is: the best, the cheapest.

You can easily, and free of obligation, put this to the test; if you complete our online quote form you will receive a customised quote that none of our competitors can beat. Of course, that quote is accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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