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The Basque language (which is called Euskara or Euskera in Basque) is one of the few non-Indo-European languages in Europe. It is also Europe’s only isolated language (isolate); to date, no relation to any other language has been shown, except for the extinct Aquitanian language, which was spoken in the region now known as Gascony (between the Pyrenees and the Garonne). And even that Aquitanian language was an isolated language. As such, Basque is surrounded in mystery; it is unknown how the language came to be without the influence of other languages.

A language unlike any other

The field of comparative linguistics is making rapid progress through the use of modern research tools, so the search for the origin of Basque is a very interesting topic for linguists. There are always ongoing studies that compare Basque to, among other things, Iberian, Caucasian, and African languages. However, to date, no relationship with any other language has been found.

In-country translators

Basque is spoken by roughly 800,000 native speakers, 700,000 of whom live in Basque Country. In total, approximately 2,000,000 people speak the language as a first or second language. This means it is a relatively small language. Even so, we see a demand for Basque translations in our agency. We give such a translation to a qualified Basque translators who lives and works in Basque Country, a so-called in-country translators. After all, such a translator is closest to their own language and culture, which results in an optimal translation.

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How can we guarantee high-quality translations? Because we are certified at the highest European level (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100). The associated quality requirements apply to our entire company as well as the translators we work with. In addition, we always give you a lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are curious about what our clients think of us, you can find a large number of reviews on this independent website.

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