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Armenian is a so-called “only child” in the Indo-European language family; the group of languages that includes most Asian and European languages. Many languages belong to the Indo-European language family or one or more of its subgroups – such as the Germanic or Romanian language groups – but Armenian has no modern close relatives. It is only related to the extinct languages Phrygian and Thracian. In the modern world, Greek and Albanian come closest. And a very distant relationship has been found to Russian, French, Irish, Persian, Hindi, Lithuanian, and… Dutch.

The Armenian alphabet

The history of the Armenian language begins with the invention of the Armenian alphabet around the year 405 by the later sacrosanct monk, theologian, and linguist Mesrop Masjtots. Therefore, it is remarkably easy to find the origin of Armenian. It is an official language in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (a region in the Caucasus) and is spoken in a number of dialects in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. The number of native speakers is approximately 6,700,000.

Translations from in-country translators

A language is never just a language; it also includes cultural patterns from communities in the countries where it is spoken. That is why we work with so-called in-country translators who live and work in their country of origin. Translators who have the best possible feel for their language and culture. This means we work with a large number of translators.

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We are in possession of the highest achievable European quality standards for translation agencies: ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. This means strict requirements are imposed on us and the translators we work with, so your translation is in good hands with us. If you want to hear that from our clients, then take a look at this independent website. And last but not least, we also give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lowest price guarantee.

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