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Annual report translation

An annual report is an important business card for your company. It offers you as an entrepreneur an opportunity to properly display your business in all its aspects. An annual report, however, can also be an unsolicited attention grabber. For example, journalists are fond of delving through annual reports; they are only too happy to look for inconsistencies and ask cunning questions about them.

Translation is more than just translating

After you have given your very best on drafting your annual report, of course, it should not be the case that something goes wrong with the translation. For the translation process, the same attention and accuracy is required. The translator of an annual report should therefore, in addition to having language skills and a high level of accuracy, also be tried and tested in the relevant field in order to do his job well.

A good translator of annual reports not only knows the exact names of business forms, structures, job titles, etc., but also has a monitoring function when it comes to laws and regulations in the other country. In some cases, he can indicate how a text can be modified in order to remain within the required legal frameworks.

If desired, the translator can also work according to certain standards, such as the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and the IAS (International Accounting Standards).

A specialist… for less

As you can see, translating annual reports is far from simple; it is specialist work.

Now, the term ‘specialist work’ sounds expensive, and most of the time, it is. Except with Translation Agency™! If you request a free quote for your annual report with us, you will see that the price is far below that of our competitors. How can we be that much cheaper? That is easy to explain. We do not have the office building, design interior, company cars, etc.; in other words, we have very low overhead costs.

And that’s not all. Our translators live and work in their own countries; the country where your annual report will be read. This way, you have a translator who knows the habits and customs of his country; simply put, someone who is close to the fire.


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